Hi Beach Ultimate lover. Welcome to the Hargen Ultimate Tournament. HUT is played since 1994.

Here you can find all the information about HUT 2017.

When: 8 & 9 July 2017

Where: the beach of Hargen aan Zee

Why: because Ultimate is the best game to play and the beach is the best soil for it!!


4 june 2017
This year HUT will be played on the left side when you enter the beach of Hargen aan Zee.

4 june 2017
What are the first games on saturday?
10:30 Een Beter Team - GRUT; UTKA - Zoccoli Misti; De Roestige Règâhs - Enderest; Ultimus Prime - Random Tandem
11:05 Viva l'Olandesina - Blue Dizziness; NED u20 - Devilspiders; De Dappere Dodo's - Pappa's & mamma's & the offspring; Atlanta disc gribbers - Erotic Warriors of Glory
11:40 Redlights Illuminated - Een Beter Team; NUTS - UTKA; Cityleague Amsterdam - De Roestige Règâhs; NJTU17 - Ultimus Prime

On sunday games start at 10:00 !!

The whole tournament schedule:

Schedule HUT 2017 (89.8 KB)

3 june 2017
What parties are during Hargen? Check out the partyprogram here : partyprogramma

26 june 2017
HUT 2017 will host 20 teams. That is a wonderfull amount of teams!!

If you enter your team now it will be put on the reserve list. Sorry. Next year subscribe earlier!

25 june 2017
Did you know that at HUT 2017 will be played for the title of Open NK Beach 2017!!

23 may 2017
You can still register your team for HUT


20 march 2017
Registration for HUT 2017 is open! Register your team at the Registration page. Make sure you check the important stuff at the Information page first.


14 march 2017
Hargen Ultimate Tournament, aka HUT aka Hargen, is the longest running ultimate tournament in the Netherlands. The first edition was in 1994, so this year will be the 24rd edition!
HUT can host a maximum of 24 teams. Make sure you are not too late so register your team now!!! At the latest May 12nd we will let you know if teams have to be put on the reserve list due to 24+ registrations.
You can find more information about the tournament on the Information page.


See a list of the teams that have enlisted for HUT 2017 on the Teams page


See a full report of HUT 2016 here