New Players

If you are interested in joining Crunch or Ultimate frisbee in general we have several options for you.

Free Beginners Course

Twice a year we organize a 2-day Beginners Course, once at the start of the spring and once at the start of the fall. During these two days you will learn how to throw (sidearms, hammers, scoobers) and the rules of the game by playing a friendly match. This spring the dates are 18 and 25 April 2017. Everybody is welcome to join, try ultimate frisbee for free together with other beginners! We start at 19:00. Location: Sportpark Drieburg.

City League

After the beginners course we start of with our 4-week Cityleague. This is a small competition in teams targeted at beginning players. You play two matches once a week on Tuesdays from 19:00 till 20:30.

You will get the opportunity to learn from experienced players during friendly matches with a lot of time to get to know the rules and the best way to play. More info at (and click on Amsterdam; if Amsterdam is not there, we are not currently running a Cityleague).

Join a Practice

You are always welcome to join one of our practices, these are allyear round (in the winter it's indoor) and you can try it out for free for two practices, after that you can choose to pay the "training only" fee. (more info soon)


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