Crunch is the Netherlands largest Ultimate Frisbee club, and has several teams under its wing. On one hand the ever changing Crunch competition teams: for each season, spring, fall (outdoor) and winter (indoor) we create competition teams from all the players who sign up. 

And on the other hand, the 
core teams: self regulating teams of like minded people. It's up to the teams themselves who is allowed to join and what and where they play.


Hello Sunshine
Crunch's competition teams are formed according to level of play and personal preferences.

Entry level teams can always count on some veteran players to help structure the team, and teach young guns new tricks.

Cambo Cakes 

Cakes Dutch Champs
Cambo Cakes is Crunch's elite open team. 

Currently holding the Dutch national championship title, they also play international tournaments and have booked some great successes in the past. 

Train hard, play hard, party hard.

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Flow is Crunch's women's team.

Initiated in 2013. Flow is built on ambition, having fun and continuety. The strong core group is supported by youth and other experienced players for Flow's competition- and tournament-teams.

Flow is making tremendous progress towards their goal of reaching an international level. 

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Fresh Urbs

Fresh Urbs is Crunch's up&coming mixed team. 

Rocking it since 2015!

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Rusty Bikes

"I want to ride my bicyle... I want to ride my bike."

Rusty Bikes is more than just a mixed team, it is a unique collection of friends who like to play the game of ultimate together. 

Bikes participate in the Dutch Championships but mainly go to tournaments.

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