Flow is Crunch ladies Ultimate team. Flow was founded in 2013 with a group of experienced players from Amsterdam. Soon flow attracted new ladies who made a huge growth from the start. Flow started with trainings let by different trainers the first season, but was fortunate to have two awesome trainers afterwards (Reggi and Jesse). Blessed with these trainers flow improved in their game and fitness. Besides the trainers flow has two amazing field captains Suzanne and Julia, who stimulate the team to grow as a team not only on but also off field. In addition, Suzanne is our fitness gouroe who stimulates everyone to get fit. Organizing queens are Ciska and Andrea, but they are backed up by the whole team to arrange everything from carpool to socials.  

Team values & goals

The team motto/mantra: Keep the Flow growing on and off field!

-    RiseUp: play high level (womens) ultimate by improving individual and team skills. Grow and learn each practice and tournament. Form a tight team.
-    Fun: as well on as off field. On field playing well and intense as a team; give each other good feedback, open&honest communication. Off field we want organize a socials. 
-    Friendship: form a tight group of women. Play intense together, enjoy socials,  support and respect each other on and off field
-    Structure: commit to training so we can create a team structure, our own game style, and build as a team on playing well.


Goals for 2015

Personal overall goals

Summery or team's response: physical growth, increased insight, team bonding

Concrete personal goals

Summery: increase insight in the game, increase fitness, improve throwing, create team play. Use the SMART model to realize your goals.

What is, according to you, the team goal?

Summery answers: Growth as team, go for the titel, play regionals, play safe and solid, win games