Fresh Urbs

Hi! We are the Fresh Urbs, a passionate mixed Ultimate Frisbee team from Crunch, based in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, Amsterdam. We embrace our Urban look on life, while keeping it light and fresh at all times. We like to run around, throw it, catch it, flick it, huck it, and eat pizza afterwards. Teammates become friends, and friends are teammates. Sounds like a dream? We think so too! 

Urbs selfie Fun & Competitive

Besides enjoying life to the fullest, we like to perform well on the frisbee field. We use weekly practice and participation in the national mixed competition and various tournaments throughout the year to increase our level of play.

Join us!

Obviously, you can swing by anytime to see what this mean green machine is all about. But o
nce a year we'll hold open practices for anyone who wants to join, so we can keep it fresh all the way! 

Wanna know more?

Get in touch via Facebook or come find us green on fields (hint: we wear green)! 
Trainings: Thurdays 19:00 - 20:30 @ Drieburg, Amsterdam